Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fashionable Medical Alert Bracelets Turns a Teenager's Life Around

Being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease is stressful enough, and having to wear an unattractive
medic alert bracelets every day is not a good reminder. This is where a High School student,named
Shyanne, came.designer of a very fashionable medic alert bracelets

In 2008, She was diagnosed with so many blood disease that required her to wear a medic alert bracelet.
instead of her allowing her situation wey her down, She made up her mind to make a medic alert bracelet that

would empower strenghten her. according to her, When she was first diagnosed with the blood disorders, she wonder 'why her,' but that line of thinking wasn’t doing her any good and in fact, was making it more difficult on herself and her companions,She said, Her doctors was also treating children with different ailment,like cancer and she was inspired by the kids, many years younger than her, who were so strong while fighting for their lives. she didn't know back then how she did
it but wanted to make a difference and somehow spread the awareness. That knowledge was enough to get
her through the difficult times and ultimately led her to create fashionable medic Alert bracelet."
Shyanne's designs, apart from serving a vital purpose, are fashionable and unique. Not a surprise given that she has always had an interest in fashion. according to her, It’s a big part of why she wanted to start Couture Alert. she didn’t want the normal chain link bracelets she was asked to wear just to tell who she is; instead, she wanted to make her own statement.she said,
"I am proud when I look down and see my bracelet now and I love that it causes people to stop and ask questions."
She's sure that Couture Alert/fashionable medic alert bracelet will not be her last fashion ventures.

Shyanne has only just started - she wants Couture Alert to continue and grow: she has big plans for Couture
Alert and feel like she has only just begun. Recently, when she was an exhibitor at a local craft show, four individuals
approached her about their need for a medic alert bracelets - all of them chose not to wear bracelets against
the advice of their doctors. In fact, one of the women had had multiple episodes that week and still chose not to
wear a bracelet. At that point, Shyanne knew what she had to do. "She said some things that she could absolutely
relate to – she hated the options out there and ultimately, chose fashion over safety. she walked away knowing
that shyanne had her work cut out for me. she didn’t think that she could stop what she was doing until she made diabetics,
epileptics, hemophiliacs, severe allergy patients, autistics and all the other individuals required to wear medic alert bracelets or medic ID bracelets aware that they have a choice." Shyanne hopes to work with medical providers and insurance
companies to find a way to make medic alert bracelets available to all patients whether it is her own design or
someone elses.

Shyanne has touched so many people's lives with her products, including a little boy with Cerebral Palsy who stopped by with his family at an event she was working at to pick it up and the look on his face was something she will never forget. He couldn’t believe that it was for him and his face lit up when he saw his
name on the bracelet. It made her appreciate all that she has been given and grateful that she could help him in this small way and that he could give his family peace of mind at the same time. "

Truly an inspiration, Shyanne's civic involvement goes further than Couture Alert. she found that the more she
was doing for others, the less she focused on her ailment.she learned a lot about herself in the process of helping others.

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