Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why Wearing a Gold Medical Bracelet Is a Good Idea

Americans have worn medical ID bracelets for many years. A medical ID bracelet can help in many different ways. It is becoming more and more popular to make these bracelets more fashionable and not so bland. Many people are wearing a gold medical bracelet with important information printed on it. The elderly have been benefiting from these bracelets for many years. The devices can range from something simple like a silver bracelet with allergy information printed on it to a gold medical bracelet with the ability to alert medical personal in the case on an emergency. Choosing one of these life saving devices is not often a choice that is thought through. In some cases it is perfectly fine to have a bracelet with allergy information printed on it for an otherwise healthy person. An elderly patient may choose something more functional for their needs. Children are also wearing the bracelets. The gold medical bracelet can have something as simple as "penicillin allergy" printed on it or something as long and complex as the child's name and address. People with rare blood types are also sometimes asked to wear something such as a beaded bracelet with a charm stating the blood type to inform medical personal as quickly as possible. I personally have a bracelet for each of my children. The information printed on the bracelet I think is life saving. I put their blood type and allergies and it makes me feel better to know that it's there. I think it is good for the elderly with mental disabilities or defect to wear a bracelet with their name and emergency contact information clearly printed on it. Some are even being equipped with gps. Gps is a good idea for elderly as well as children. Although I think that it is never a good idea to print information that a predator could use to gain you children's trust. If a child's bracelet has a parents name it would be very easy for a predator to see the name and say your mom "Jane" wanted you to ride with me today. Medical bracelets are an important part of our society. It is something that we should all look into whether you choose a silver or gold medical bracelet. by- Dave Gorski

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